Liminal Staff


Shannon Peavey - Senior Editor/Publisher

Shannon Peavey's stories have appeared in places such as Apex, The Masters Review, and Beneath Ceaseless Skies, among others.  During the Clarion West workshop of 2013, she met Kelly and discovered an eerily similar shared taste in fiction.  When not writing or working on Liminal, Shannon works as a horse trainer.  She would very much appreciate it if heroes in fantasy novels would stop riding nineteen-hand black stallions.  For Liminal, Shannon is seeking sharp-edged stories with a literary flair. You can follow Shannon on Twitter at @shannonpv.


Kelly Sandoval - Senior Editor/Publisher

Kelly Sandoval's fiction has appeared in Uncanny, Asimov's, Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy, and other venues. Currently, she's writing an interactive novel for Choice of Games. She's a graduate of Clarion West's 2013 class. By day, she works as a writer/editor for a bank, which is about as exciting as it sounds.  Kelly's tastes in fiction run toward the broken and the strange. With Liminal she hopes to publish stories that challenge the boundaries of the expected. You can find Kelly on Twitter at @kellymsandoval.


Helena Bell - Senior Poetry Editor

Helena Bell's fiction and poetry have appeared in Strange Horizons, Rattle, Clarkesworld, The Indiana Review, and other venues. She holds MFAs in both Fiction and Poetry from NC State University and Southern Illinois University in Carbondale respectively. She's also a graduate of the Clarion West Workshop. Helena tweets at @HelBell.


Sean Aldous - Artist

Sean is a 3D modeler and artist. Currently, he's creating a steampunk run-and-gun. You can find information about his current projects at


Vince Haig - Artist

Vince is a graphic designer. You can learn more about Vince at


Tracy Durnell  - Artist

Tracy is a graphic designer and artist. She's involved in environmental outreach projects. You can learn more about Tracy at


Laurie Noel - Artist and First Reader

Laurie is an artist and illustrator. You can find information about her current projects at


AJ Gabriel - Artist and First Reader

AJ Gabriel is an artist and writer local to the Pacific Northwest, where she's surrounded by good coffee, good wine and good friends. 


Mel Kassel - First Reader

Mel Kassel writes dark speculative fiction and humor pieces in Chicago. She loves stories that take their talking animals seriously. You can visit her online at and follow her on Twitter @melkassel.


Riley Leight - First Reader

Riley Leight is a writer, artist, and student living in California while working toward a degree in creative writing. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Lance, These Fragile Lilacs, La Fuerza, and Ink Storm.  


Dani Beneker  - First Reader

Dani spends time writing SFF short fiction, when they aren't knitting stuffed dinosaurs or cross stitching Star Trek designs. Dani spends most of their time burrowed under the sands of a desert, avoiding a summer that they swears lasts thirteen months out of the year.


Mike Glyde - First Reader

Mike Glyde recently moved 1813 miles from Pittsburgh, PA to El Paso, TX, where he writes, works, and attends grad school. His fiction has appeared in See the Elephant. You can find him on Twitter @michaelglyde or on his website and blog


Jose Cruz - First Reader

Jose Cruz is an author who lives in southwest Florida with his wife, their very furry child, and a decent amount of books. He manages The Haunted Omnibus, a site dedicated to short fiction of horror, the Weird, and the dark fantastic. He has work forthcoming in Nightscript and Turn to Ash.