issue 3 - spring / summer 2017

The world is an urgent place, these days, demanding our attention and our concern, our time and our advocacy.  As the third issue of Liminal began to take shape, Kelly and I found that it was full of stories that bite deep and hold—they make you pause; they show you something true.

Thanks to our Patreon subscribers, we're bringing eight stories and three poems together in a not-quite-double issue. The support of our subscribers is deeply appreciated, and allowed us a little more flexibility when faced with the abundance of riches that was our last open submission period!

Issue 3 starts off with Rebecca Campbell's Lares Familiares, 1981, a story that examines the struggles and strange visitors of a logging family in 1980's Canada.  Kate Heartfield's I Know All of His Names takes a beautiful and brutal look at Rumpelstiltskin, while in Ken Poyner's The Liquid of Hera group of men work tirelessly to save an ideal.  A haunted woman shepherds a group of girls to a dark fate in Sara Saab's The Barrette Girls, and Jonathan Laidlow's Obtrusion Rate depicts a man coping with unimaginable stress in the workplace.  Vajra Chandrasekera's Merrick is a story of grief and anxiety in an all-too-plausible near future, and Ian Muneshwar's The Falling Game closes Issue 3's fiction with  a depiction of the delicate understanding that arises between a missionary and an alien.

We're also pleased to bring you Sam Collier's poem A Library is to Books as a Skeleton is to, Scott Beal's The Finity Code, and Kelsey Dean's Loyal

Thanks again for you support, and we hope you enjoy the read!

Shannon Peavey, Kelly Sandoval, and Helena Bell, Editors