Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect to hear back?

We try to respond to all submissions within 30 days. Please query at if you haven't received a response. Use Query: [Story Title] as your subject line.

Are you open to submissions of horror/literary fiction/dark fantasy/humor/some other genre?

Yes. We'll consider stories from every genre. While some genres are more likely to suit us in terms of tone, we're open to being surprised.

What sort of stories do you like?

Some of Shannon's favorite stories are Charles D'Ambrosio's The Point, Karen Russell's Haunting Olivia, George Saunders's Sea Oak, Lewis Shiner's Love in Vain, Lore Segal's The Reverse Bug, and Bruno Schulz's Father's Last Escape.

Some of Kelly's favorite stories are Octavia Butler's The Evening, and the Morning, and the Night, K.M. Ferebee's The Earth and Everything Under, Alice Sola Kim's Mothers Lock Up Your Daughters Because They Are Terrifying, Neil Gaiman's Black Dog, and Joel Lane's The Hard Copy.

When are the issues coming out?

Liminal is published twice a year. Issue 1 will be published on May 1. Issue 2 will be published on October 1.

Do you send submission confirmations?

We don't send submission confirmations. Please query if you don't receive a response within 30 days.

Do you send second round notices?

Yes. We'll contact you if your story is being held for final consideration.

Is this an electronic magazine or a print magazine?

Liminal is an online magazine. Issues will be available on the website and may be collected in e-book form.

How can I help support Liminal?

We welcome your support on Patreon. We offer our supporters cover art postcards, cookies, the opportunity to suggest blog topics, and kind, life-affirming rejections.

How do I reach the editors?

For non-submission or query related correspondence, please email us at