issue 4 - fall / winter 2017


With Issue 4, we're closing our second year of Liminal Stories.  What a rich and rewarding experience it continues to be!  It seems as though every time we open a reading period, we find a piece that perfectly expresses something we've always known to be true, but never known how to say.

This issue, we're bringing you a group of dark and hauntingly lovely stories and poems, starting with J.B. Park's Reenactment, a story of death, art, and entertainment.  In L.M. Davenport's House, Orchard, Well, the delicate ecosystem of a witch's house begins to change, while Eugenia Triantafyllou's The Heart is a Lonesome Hunter deals with war, identity, and impossible choices.  Tom Hadrava's Amber: Liquid, Whispering depicts a totalitarian government with an unusual underpinning, while in Joanne Rixon's The Heart Seed, a girl makes a difficult decision in order to protect herself.  Finally, Nino Cipri's Presque Vu shows us that everyone is haunted, in one way or another.

Our poetry for this issue is Zana Ali's beautiful Penggoda / Temptress, and Lora Gray's intense and visceral The Huntsman.

We hope you enjoy the issue!

Shannon Peavey, Kelly Sandoval, and Helena Bell, Editors