Join Our First Reader Team! - Closed

Liminal Stories is searching for a new voices on our first readers team.  Our reading period for Issue Four will be from May 15 to June 15. 

We are looking for individuals who can commit to reading for three or more hours a week during our open periods (two per year).  It is not a year-round commitment -- we like to keep our response times swift, so we tend to work hard for 1-2 months and then rest.  Our open submission periods are a little flexible, but you can plan for 1.5-2 months of work during the early summer and then again in the winter. You're welcome to commit for a single reading period.

The ideal Liminal reader is interested in stories that are unusual, strongly-voiced, character-driven and beautifully written.  They are open to stories that work outside of the usual structures and search for work that shows a diversity of background and tone.

To apply for a position with Liminal, please read at least one issue of Liminal and then send an email to with the subject line "First Reader Application."  Tell us a little about yourself, and then let us know:

  1. Which Liminal story is your favorite and why
  2. Which Liminal story is your least favorite and why 

We're looking forward to working with you!



Shannon and Kelly